Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 8

01. '21 Sounds For The Sunset' LP Ad
02. Frank Zappa - Hagstrom Guitar Ad
03. NBC News (Woodstock Story)
04. 'Dragnet' Anti LSD PSA
05. 4-H Club Ad
06. Trips Festival Promo
07. 'Barbarella' Movie Ad
08. Warner Brothers Records Ad (It's The Plastic)
09. Honer Harmonica Ad
10. Traffic - 'Traffic' LP Ad
11. John Raven Kraft - KOMA English Scene Promo
12. National Institute Of Mental Health Anti Drug PSA
13. Jeff Beck, Moody Blues & Ten Years After Concert Promo
14. Jack In The Box Restaurant Ad
15. Fresca Ad
16. Blues Magoos Concert Promo
17. Colours - 'Love Heals + Bad Day At Black Rock, Baby' Single Ad
18. Illinois Emergency Action Notification System Test
19. Panasonic Car And Home Stereo Ad
20. Love Concert Promo
21. 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' Movie Ad
22. Eye Magazine Ad
23. U.S. Marines Ad (Beat The Draft)
24. 'A Clockwork Orange' Movie Ad
25. Gretch Guitar Contest Promo
26. Frank Zappa - 'Secret Ceremony' Movie Ad
27. Iron Butterfly - 'Heavy' LP Ad
28. Muntz Cartridge City Music Store Ad
29. 'Reflections In A Golden Eye' Movie Ad
30. Steppenwolf - 'Monster' LP Ad
31. The Byrds Rose Palace Concert Promo
32. Sharon Tate - Coppertone 'Don't Make Waves' Movie Promo
33. KBLA News (Governor Ronald Regan Story)
34. Neil Diamond - Buick Automobile Ad
35. 'Stamping Ground' Movie Ad
36. Rotary Connection - 'Rotary Connection' LP Ad
37. The Listening Post Club Promo
38. The Rolling Stones Cow Palace Concert Promo
39. Jethro Tull - 'This Was' LP Ad
40. 7-Up Ad (Sitar)
41. All Star Cheetah Club L.A. Free Clinic Benefit Concert Promo
42. Atlantic City Pop Festival Concert Promo
43. B. Mitchel Reed - Edgar Allan Poe Electric Memorial Concert Ad (Day Of)
44. B. Mitchel Reed - The Beverly Hills Hippie Invasion
45. Buffalo Springfield Rainbow, Fresno Concert Promo
46. Frank Zappa - Sounds Incredible Music Store Ad
47. 'Free University' TV Show Ad
48. The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O LP Ad
49. 'The Thomas Crown Affair' Movie Ad
50. The Ohio Express Concert Promo
51. H.I.S. Clothing Store Ad (Fits The Shape You're In)
52. 'The Jokers' Movie Ad
53. The Fraternity Of Man - 'The Fraternity Of Man' LP Ad
54. Frank Zappa - Sprit Concert Promo
55. Colosseum - 'Those Who Are About to Die Salute You' LP Ad
56. 'Teenage Mother' Movie Ad
57. Dragonfly - 'Dragonfly' LP Ad
58. Go Magazine Ad
59. Janis Joplin Veterans Auditorium Concert Promo
60. 'Musical Mutiny' Movie Ad
61. NYC National Customer Auto Show Promo
62. Peanut Butter Conspiracy Concert Promo
63. Procol Harum - 'Shine On Brightly' LP Ad
64. Russ Sportswear Clothing Ad
65. Spirit Concert Promo
66. Steppenwolf - 'At Your Birthday Party' LP Ad
67. The Leaves Hullabaloo Concert Promo
68. Frank Zappa - St. Vitus Dance Concert Promo
69. 'The Producers' Motion Picture Soundtrack Ad
70. 'The Damned' Movie Ad
71. Nirvana - 'The Story Of Simon Simopath' LP Ad
72. Mountaindale Festival Concert Promo
73. Jean Town USA Clothing Store Ad


marram62 said...

The Cheese Knees said...

I can't get the full rapidshare download address displayed, the last part is truncated. Please let me know what's missing.

Richard said...

This got my curiosity going. I'm listening to this as I write. My question to you is this: Where did you get this? It's priceless! I'm getting the rest of this series because it's bringing back so many memories. Thank you for your work getting this out to those who appreciate it.

KL from NYC said...

Thanks. I needed Volume 8.
I've been finding volumes from this collection on different blogs for the past couple of years.
Now I just need Volume 7 (unless there were more after Volume 8).

Anonymous said...

thanx 4 all these!