Friday, October 23, 2009

Dracula's Greatest Hits

The coolest Monster Mash-inspired record of the 1960’s was this groovy 1964 concoction by comic Gene Moss and Billy Riley, a swinging round of parody songs that have a wonderfully hip Halloween vibe. With songs like “I Want To Bite Your Neck” and “King Kong Stomp” you know this one is a gasser! Especially with the awesome back and cover art by the late great Jack Davis.


marram62 said...

marram62 said...

Side 1
1. I Want to Bite Your Hand
2. Drac the Knife
3. King Kong Stomp
4. Monster Hootenanny
5. Ghoul Days
6. Frankenstein

Side 2
1. The New Frankenstein and Johnny Song
2. Monster Goose Rhymes
3. Surf Monster
4. Monster Bosa Nova
5. Carry Me Back To Transylvania
6. Little Black Bag

Anonymous said...

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kris n. said...

jack davis is still alive... was he credited as 'late great' on the album? if not, just letting you know! other than that; GREAT STUFF HERE!!

Anonymous said...

Hi RS link is dead - any chance of reposting this one! ? Esp with Halloween coming up soon! Thanks for sharing!!