Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Rutles – The Rutles (1978)

One of rock's most enduring and insightful parodies, brilliantly mirroring The Beatles' career, “The Rutles” is the soundtrack to the spoof documentary television film “All You Need Is Cash,” which aired on NBC in the U.S. on March 22, 1978. The brainchild of Neil Innes and former Monty Python member Eric Idle, the film is beloved by Beatles fans worldwide and even features a cameo from George Harrison as a TV reporter. The Rutles themselves were Neil Innes as Ron Nasty (Lennon), Eric Idle as Dirk McQuickly (McCartney), Rikki Fataar as Stig O'Hara (Harrison) and John Halsey as Barry Wom (Ringo). The fifth Rutle, for recording purposes, was guitarist Ollie Halsall. It should be noted that Eric Idle does not perform on this CD. He lip-synched to Halsall’s vocals in the TV movie. This expanded CD issued in 1990 adds six tracks to the 14-track vinyl version first released by Warner Bros. in 1978. The soundtrack reached #63 on the Billboard album charts.


Neil Innes: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ollie Halsall: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Rikki Fataar: Guitar, Bass, Sitar, Tabla, Vocals
John Halsey: Percussion, Vocals
Andy Brown: Bass

All songs written and produced by Neil Innes.


1. Goose-Step Mama*
2. Number Two
3. Baby Let Me Be*
4. Hold My Hand
5. Blue Suede Schubert*
6. I Must Be In Love
7. With A Girl Like You
8. Between Us*
9. Living In Hope
10. Ouch!
11. It's Looking Good*
12. Doubleback Alley
13. Good Times Roll
14. Nevertheless
15. Love Life
16. Piggy In The Middle
17. Another Day
18. Cheese And Onions
19. Get Up And Go*
20. Let's Be Natural

* bonus tracks for CD issue.


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Essential in every CD-collection.

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Thanks for sharing this - much appreciated.

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i gotta itch in one of my rutles...

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This is just so perfect in its almost-awfulness... thank you a lot. Nice to hear the tracks that weren't on the LP!

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almost awfulness? Almost all awesomeness! thanks for uploading this.

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