Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Beatles - Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Album (2 CDs!!)

Beatles---The Ultimate Christmas Album (2 CDs!!)
Beatles---The Ultimate Christmas Album

This is really an incredible line-up and covers EVERY Christmas recording by The Beatles together and solo! The Beatles "Christmas Records" from 1963 to 1969 are all 320kbps and are fantastic! They are not taken from the scratchy old 45rpms that were sent out to fan club members back in the 60s. These recordings are taken from the original EMI Mastertapes! Awesome!!!
Check out CD #2 and you will see some of the rarest Beatles material around! Alot of this stuff is not in the trading circles in this kind of quality!
It's the ultimate Christmas by The Beatles!

CD #1
1-Beatles 1963 Christmas Record.
2-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record.
3-Beatles 1965 Christmas Record.
4-Beatles 1966 Christmas Record.
5-Beatles 1967 Christmas Record.
6-Beatles 1968 Christmas Record.
7-Beatles 1969 Christmas Record.

CD #2
1-Christmas Greetings (Astoria Cinema) (12-20-1963).
2-Crimble Medley (Saturday Club) (12-17-1963).
3-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #1 (10-29-1964).
4-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #2 (10-29-1964).
5-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #3 (10-29-1964).
6-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #4 (10-29-1964).
7-Beatles 1964 Christmas Record Outtake #5 (10-29-1964).
8-Beatles Interview (Hammersmith Odeon) (12-21-1964).
9-White Christmas (Studio 50) (New York) (2-9-1964).
10-Beatles 1965 Christmas Record Outtake #1 (10-19-1965).
11-Beatles 1965 Christmas Record Outtake #2 (10-19-1965).
12-Beatles Radio London & Radio Caroline Messages (12-6-1966).
13-Christmastime Is Here Again (EMI Mastertape) (11-28-1967).
14-Jock & Yono (John & Yoko) (Kenwood) (November 1968).
15-Onceuponapooltable (John & Yoko) (Kenwood) (November 1968).
16-Happy Christmas (Pauls COMPLETE 1968 song!).
17-John & Yoko Christmas Sketch (Tittenhurst Park) (November 1969).
18-Ringo's "Wireless For The Blind Fund Message" (12-15-1969).
19-Happy X-Mas (John's Home Demo).
20-John & Yoko 1970 Christmas Message #1 (Tittenhurst Park).
21-John & Yoko 1970 Christmas Message #2 (Tittenhurst Park).
22-Happy X-Mas (Rough Mix for Acetate).

These are essential for any Beatles fan!


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Oh, I love this. Merry Kimble, Krimble, & Grimballs..........

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Now it's Christmas!!

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Marram, this is the Vigotone version of The Christmas Album. IMO, by far the best of The Beatles X-mas releases. Nice share. Merry Christmas

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to all my readers...Merriest of All Krimbles...Krimble Is As Krimble Does!
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Thanks for The Beatles...
Thanks for Tiny Tim... (The brother in law of Superman)
And a Very Happy New Year!!!
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I came late to this one, but got here eventually.
Thank you.

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Xcellent. Nice site. Keep it up. Paul

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Only had the single LP...this is GREAT! Thanks!

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Thank you! I too only had the LP, long ago.