Saturday, February 11, 2012

Derek & Clive - Ad Nauseam (1978)

Derek and Clive Ad Nauseam is the third and final recording made by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore featuring their characters Derek and Clive. It also charts the breakup of Cook and Moore's partnership.

As a marketing ploy the record was initially released with its own airplane sickbag. Moore walked out before the end of this recording as he found his relationship with Cook untenable, particularly because of the level of vitriol directed at him throughout the sessions. The two never worked on a major project again.

Cook filmed some of the proceedings and these were released on the documentary Derek and Clive Get the Horn.

Track listing

All tracks by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
Side 1

"Endangered Species" – 5:23
"Horse Racing" – 2:47
"TV" – 1:27
"Bruce Forsyth" – 0:43
"Records" – 5:01
"Soul Time" – 1:44
"Russia" – 1:47
"Sir" – 3:07
"Celebrity Suicide" – 2:58
"Politics" – 1:27
"Labels" – 3:10
"Street Music" – 0:43

Side 2

"The Horn" – 23:17
"Mona" – 3:29
"The Critics" – 3:30


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