Friday, June 26, 2009

Moondog (Prestige)

One of the best early albums from the legendary Moondog -- a set that got wider circulation than his first few releases, and really helped expand his reach beyond New York City! Moondog's still at his simple best here -- working in a blend of rhythmic percussion, stringed instruments, flute, and other rootsy instrumentation -- all with echoes of Eastern styles, but served in a way that definitely has more of a touch of American exotica! All numbers are played by small groups -- or even solo by Moondog -- and any vocalizations take on almost an instrumental feel -- sliding in alongside sound effects, animal noises, and other obscure utterings. The album's almost the art world equivalent of Martin Denny -- but has a lot more depth than easy kitsch -- and is still tremendously powerful stuff all these years later! Titles include "Caribea", "Big Cat", "Frog Bog", "To A Sea Horse", "Surf Session" and "Trees Against The Sky".


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Timmy said...

Something seems to be wrong here. Most of the titles are not in here. AND, the art JPG's are all the same, & they are terribly blurred. A 1 star catastrophy.