Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fritz The Cat & Heavy Traffic OST

This cool CD contains two great soundtracks from cult adult-oriented animated movies from the 70s Fritz The Cat (1972) and Heavy Traffic (1973).


marram62 said...


marram62 said...

01. Black talk.
02. Duke's theme.
03. Fritz the cat.
04. Mamblues.
05. Bo Diddley.
06. Bertha's theme.
07. Winston.
08. House rock.
09. The synagogue.
10. Yesterdays.
11. Love light of mine.
12. The riot.
13. You're the only girl (I ever really loved).
14. Scarborough fair.
15. Scarborough street fair.
16. Twist and shout.
17. Angie's theme.

192 Kbps.

Anonymous said...

tsssss que fino disco chido men buena vibra

Neil Bronner said...

Thanks for the music...

PS: Love the Vivian avatar! :)