Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vivian Stanshall ~ Peel Sessions

Viv Stanshall - The Peel Sessions


marram62 said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/254890227/Viv_Stanshall-Peel_Sessions_1_.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/254901102/Viv_Stanshall-Peel_Sessions_2_.rar

marram62 said...

Vivian Stanshall - Labio-Dental Fricative....http://rapidshare.com/files/256766846/1.rar.....http://rapidshare.com/files/256778783/2.rar

reservatory said...

THANKS for these! I'm always trying to upgrade to the best possible rip of Umbrellas. The last download came with all the Stanshall 45s I know of, and I'm intrigued at what might be in your companion Labio-Dental posts. By the way, a friend and I used to listen to the Bonzos at Ohio State, WAY BACK in the day. One of my favorite bits was Stanshall's spoken plea, 'Out of my way, I'm EXTREMELY important!' Which I can't seem to find on my Cornology box. Do you have any idea where it appeared, and whether it's been removed from CD reissues?? Thanks again!

marram62 said...

see also:

Bonzo Dog Band - Urban Spacemen Do Exist !! (bootleg)



pokerface said...

Hi In your collection of Stanshall stuff you have Christmas at Rawlinson end
But you only uploaded 3 parts of a 4 part story . So here is the Fourth part


I am on tender hooks to hear the Crank mp3 , so keep it coming

Anonymous said...

The line "'Get Out of my way, I'm EXTREMELY important!'" came from a radio show, Radio Flash 3 to be precise. It was never released on CD.

I'm a bit baffled as I've just watched an old David Niven movie (Vampira aka Old Dracula) and was staggered to hear Viv singing a song about a girl called Sue, about 28 minutes in. There's no credit on the version I have and I can't find any further details despite a thorough search (which led me here). Is it really Viv? Certainly sounds like him. Anyone know?

Anyway, thanks for a very interesting blog indeed.

Anonymous said...

Just thought that it may interest folks to hear that song from Old Dracula, so here it is, ripped directly from the movie. It only lasts about 50 seconds but there should be a full recording in the vaults somewhere and that's surely Viv singing isn't it?


reservatory said...

Dear Anonymous, thanks for your reply to my question. However, I believe the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT bit appeared on Bonzos vinyl at some point, as I heard it in the states in the early seventies, having no access to British radio shows. Thanks for the intriguing clue, though...