Friday, May 21, 2010

Bill Cosby - Talks To Kids About Drugs (1971)

Bill Cosby - Talks To Kids About Drugs (1971)

01. Introduction - Downers And Uppers
02. Questions and Answers
03. Dope Pusher
04. Bill Talks About Hard Drugs
05. I Found a Way Out
06. Order In The Classroom
07. People Make Mistakes
08. I Know I Can Handle It
09. Bill Talks About Pushers
10. Captain Junkie
11. Bill and the Kids Sing / Closing

what's up with BILL?...he seems to be cluing these kids in on shit more than anything else on this record...
he was friends with Miles Davis and Quincy Jones...he used to be A FUNNY JAZZBRO...apparently, he's really INTO the Jell-O Pudding Pops...
he's kind of a loopy guy who sometimes gets mad at his own people (whoopie sykes)...and i guess he's a scholar of sorts when it comes to DRUGS!
here, good ol' bill fills the kiddies in on the do's and don'ts of being a DRUG ADDICT!'s really cool to hear ol' bill talkin' about the dope and the heroin and the uppers and the downers and the cocaine and the weed and the grass ...nuthin' 'bout a damn puddin' pop, tho....


marram62 said...

John_Moca said...

Good stuff. Will surely mix this in with some fresh beats :)

lee said...

This is a magnificent blog. Much thanks.
The original Cosby Kids was just a Halloween special they played in the late 60's to the early seventies. Much grittier, and artistic than the crappy cartoon tv show. I have never seen or heard of it since. I have looked somewhat. I just want you to know it's out there some where. :)

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xlpharmacy coupons said...

When I was younger I loved to watch Bill Cosby's TV show because he always talks about some stuff not even my parent were able to do.

barna imre said...

wow thanks, but unfortunately dl is dead