Thursday, June 17, 2010

National Lampoon - Gold Turkey (1975)

This is a classic comedy release from 1975 featuring the best of their comedy radio show. Featured performers (get ready for this list): Christopher Guest, Bill Murray, John Belushi, Brian Doyle--Murray, Chevy Chase, Harold Ramis, Gilda Radner,> This release includes comedy sketches by various members and musical comedy by Christopher Guest (Spinal Tap, Film Director).

National Lampoon - Gold Turkey (1975)

01. Front Row Center
02. Public Disservice
03. Mother Goose's Wine
04. My Husband
05. Megaphone Newsreel
06. The Trial
07. Jimmy Dugan Story
08. Well-Intentioned Blues
09. A Laugh From The Past
10. Stand Up
11. Hockey
12. Prison Farm
13. Mr. Veal Chop
14. The Immigrants


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Oracle said...

The Jimmy Dugan story is classic. I learned "Stand Up" word for word on an 8 hour drive and have never forgot it. A man walk into a nightclub with beautiful girl on his arm....

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Another great looking share. I just found this blog and it really has some gems.

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