Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Songs The Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us - Various Artists

A collection of original 1920's and 1930's novelty jazz and British Dance Band recordings that inspired, influenced and were covered by The Bonzo Dog Band

1 Leslie Sarony With Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - Jollity Farm
2 BBC Dance Orchestra, The - Mickey's Son And Daughter
3 Savoy Havana Band, The - I'm Gonna Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight
4 Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - Button Up Your Overcoat
5 Percival Mackey And His Band - On Her Doorstep Last Night
6 Rhythmic Troubadours, The - Ali Baba's Camel
7 Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - By A Waterfall
8 Hal Swain And His Band - Hunting Tigers Out In India (Yah)
9 Albert Whelan - My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies
10 Jack Hylton's Jazz Band - Laughing Waltz
11 Whispering Jack Smith - All By Yourself In The Moonlight
12 Noël Coward - A Room With A View
13 Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon - Little Sir Echo
14 Jack Payne And His Dance Orchestra - Make Yourself A Happiness Pie
15 Jay Wilbur And His Band - We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow
16 Billy Cotton And His Band - Skirts
17 Continental Five, The - The Sheik Of Araby
18 Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - Bell Bottom Trousers
19 Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers - Dr. Jazz Stomp
20 Ray Starita And His Ambassadors - The Flies Crawled Up The Window
21 Jay Whidden And His Band - I Lift Up My Finger And I Say "Tweet Tweet"
22 Savoy Havana Band, The - Masculine Women And Feminine Men
23 Leslie Sarony - Misery Farm
24 Roy Leslie - Omar Khayam's Cave
25 Jack Hodges The Raspberry King - Everything Is Fresh Today
26 Savoy Havana Band, The - Last Night On The Back Porch
27 Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - I Love To Bumpity Bump


marram62 said...


roy rocket said...

Is your blog sick?
Why do you want to kill it?
And how do I navigate to that Bonzo's boot? Says 'page not available'...?
Regards, roy: a reader

marram62 said...

er, a momentary lapse of reason had crossed the great divide and left me on a quanderous plain of existence. but, alas! the moment of grand epiphany rang loud and true across the very heavens and rattled the very notion right out of the realm of posibility. no sickie blog have I! so, roy: a reader, no blog killing is imminent and the bonzos post has been withdrawn momentarily, but will soon re-appear as soon as i can remember where i put the blasted thing. so, until then

Regards, roy: THE reader
whoever the hell i think i am.....

Miles said...

just stumbled upon your blog and look forward to browsing a bit, starting with 'songs the bonzo dog band taught us.' like peeking into the record collection of the ginger geezer. thanks.

marram62 said...

ah yes! like an enormous rabbit with ears all pricked and pertinacious i await your eventual return

marram62 said...

dot dot dot...

Puzzle said...

You, Sir, do yourself an injustice. For you are not ANY enormous rabbit, pricked or no. You, Sir, are an enormous rabbit with large Bonzo Dogs. And that is a very special little large rabbit.


Private Beach said...

If the Bonzos taught the original singers these songs, why hasn't NASA been informed that time travel is possible? I think we should be told.

Word verification: motsesse - which sounds like a nasty tropical disease picked up in Ndidi's Kraal.

Laddy said...


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